Mercy Connections Inc.- Hope Awakens Foundation-Liberia

We are not confined by the boundaries of the Portland Metropolitan Area and we will always remember our Roots. That is why we are going international to service the villages that we came from in Africa.


To see a child receive basic human needs; Education, Food, Health education/Care.

A clean pair of shoes and clean drinking water in the communities they live in.


We aim to help improve the life of young adults, children and their families to  become productive citizens for their communities. One child, one community at a time.



January 14, 2023, Mercy Connections, Inc Hope Awakens Foundation was launched. During this time, we distributed many items to students we have identified as most vulnerable. We gave out School Supplies to about 75 students. Among these pack packs, pens, notebooks, pencils, binders, etc. These were given to students from various locations in Montserrado County. In addition, we also gave out  Food items such as   rice, beans, vegetable oil, canned meat and other supplies such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap to the parents who accompanied their children during the launch.

Sponsored Students:

Before leaving Liberia, the organization was able to support 42 students so that they could stay in school by paying their outstanding fees and for the rest of the year.  Note: Yearly School Fees per student runs from 25.000 – 40.000 Liberian Dollar (LD), which is like $50 – $125.00. This changes as the exchange Rate for the U.S.D continues to increase and the LD value continues to drop.


In the community in which I spent my time on a trip back home (Wein Town Community), students were seen taking chairs on their heads to bring to class from their homes and back.  This would enable them to have a seat while in class, without standing in the back of their fellow students (See Photos). Many of these students did not have a chair to bring to school, and it became uncomfortable  for learning  and staying focused. Also, we observed and noticed that some chairs used by students were broken/ damaged.

Seeing that, we decided to do something about it, so we reached out to the administrator who explained to us that the school gets overcrowded because there are many pupils then expected as a result, and therefore there are not enough chairs for those “extra students.” When asked while they are allowed into the school knowing that is the case, he responded by saying that their parents would bring their students and beg for them to be admitted, even after knowing the situation. As a result, they are allowed into the school.

Our Action:

We purchased and donated fifty pieces of arm chairs which cost $500.00 in total at  $10 a piece. Just take a second, parents are unable to afford a chair that costs just $10.00 , but with your donation and support, we could keep this program going each and every year, knowing that these chairs do break and get damaged and students will go back to square one.

Water and Sanitation:

Our International Water and Sanitation project is to support poor people in obtaining safe and clean water systems. Many communities in Liberia lack safe, clean and reliable sources of water, and children have to travel far distances to get clean water.  The lack of access to clean water and sanitation services is the cause of death among children. “Water and sanitation- related diseases remain among the major causes of death in children under five; more than 800 children die every day from diarrheal diseases linked to poor hygiene.” ( This is why it is important for you to join us in this process by donating to us. Because “Access to water, sanitation and hygiene is a human right “United Nations)