Call with your free food box request or come by our outreach event to pick up one. Call 971 254 7999 for more details

-Traditional Food Boxes

– Other emergency Food Services

We want to see that families have the food they need, so we partner with many organizations and with support of in-kind donors to provide food services to the communities we serve.  We provide food boxes based on the need and request of individual and families. We also coordinate assistance to families and individuals seeking emergency food and other food related services.

Our process includes a phone intake requests or walk-in to our event site for a food box pick-up.  Many times, and depending on caller mobility status, intake is done over the phone and food and other supplies are taken to caller’s home.


At Mercycon, we believe that every help goes a long way that is why through our partners, we bring you supplies. Included are Baby Food, Diapers, Toiletries, Facemask, Hand Sanitizers, cleaning supplies and other needs to support you.

COVID – 19

Since our work on Covid – 19 activities began in early 2021, we have hosted 13 vaccination clinics in 2021 alone and 7 clinics in 2022 totaling, 20 clinics so far. During these times, our nurses have put about 600+ shots in shots arms of individuals. We have provided Covid-19 vaccines, boosters shots, and flu shots for everyone who came through our clinics. We also provided many food boxes; Traditional and Americans and handed out 1000s of hand sanitizers, masks and household cleaning supplies and outreach materials, which were made possible through the support of our partners, other organizations and individual donors.

This program activities continues; events will be posted as soon as we have them scheduled, but feel free to contact us for more information.

Rental & Bills Assistance

Since 2020, we have provided assistance to 200+ families with food, rent and other essential Community Support. These were made possible with grants from multiple outlets: Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Covid-19 Wrap Support, OHA Health Equity Grant/Social Determinants of Health Funds, Health Share of Oregon Covid – 19 Impact Fund, Oregon Community Foundation Recovery Funds and more.

While the pandemic slows down and such funds are not available, we are still able to meet rental and other bills assistance available to folks who meet program requirements.  To learn more about this program, we encourage you to call for more information.

Youth & Kids

Our new African Youth Engagement Project is a new program. This program is a year-round program that is geared towards helping families and children while giving children a voice.  Our goal is to support parents who and their children have identified an interest in any After School or Summer School Activities they want to attend. We will fund such activities partially or fully depending on surrounding circumstances and qualification guidelines. We have homework available as well.

Activities include indoor & outdoor: swimming, soccer, basketball, football, music, and others. We are accepting requests for the first 30 applicants.